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Red Beauty Textiles closed in 2018 after selling online for nine years.  This was a difficult decision for me; I loved selling fabric and yarn!  But...  My now-husband and I decided that we needed to make it official, move in together, sell one house, find a new location, move from Texas, sell the other house, and purchase a house in our new location...more or less in that order.

We decided on the Pacific Northwest - I'm originally from Northern California and it felt right to move back to the West Coast.  After a long and difficult move and buying a fixer house (that isn't fixed yet, sigh...) I've decided to re-open with a much smaller selection of popular yarn lines and, regrettably, no fabric.  

I hope you find Red Beauty Textiles just as great to shop as before.  My customers are what makes RBT possible!  Much love and thank you for your patronage.