Malabrigo Nube, Indiecita, blues, greens, purple, color 416, merino spinning fiber


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Extraordinary softness in this merino wool spinning fiber hand dyed in the same colorways as the Malabrigo yarns.

Malabrigo Nube in colorway Indiecita, #416. Sea green, light greens and blues, aqua, mustard yellow, purples.

Unit Weight : 113 grams/3.99 ounces
Fibers : 100% Merino
Texture : spinning fiber
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Note that Malabrigo Nube is hand dyed in lots of four; within the same lot braids may vary quite a bit and you may receive braids from different groups. Photos illustrate the range of colorations within a single
colorway. I will do my best to "match" braids if you order more than one. If you must have a particular braid I can try to accomodate - please make sure you're available through email in case I have to contact you. Please contact me for any questions.