Malabrigo Nubecita, 50gm pak mini poufs of spinning/felting fiber

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Softness in this merino wool spinning fiber hand dyed in the same colorways as the Malabrigo yarns.  Nubecita is offered in three color paks.  Each pouf is about 12-20 grams for a total of (at least) 50 grams.

Assorted colors.

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After spinning or felting:
Hand wash in cool to tepid water with mild detergent like Eucalan. Do not use detergents with brighteners like Wool Light, Tide, etc. as these degrade the fibers and cause color fade. Never use bleach. To help fix color and remove odors add small amount of white vinegar to rinse water. Avoid excessive manipulation or rubbing as this causes felting and shrinkage. Squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry. Never dry in dryer.